My name is Steffi - I’m pleased to connect with you!

Personally: I was born and raised in Southern California, but I’ve lived in almost every region of the country. Whether it’s driving to Texas from Alaska or spending a quarter of a year living in Poland, I crave adventure. I’m a storyteller by day and a newly-certified yoga instructor on the side. After spending five years in the Midwest, I now live in the beautiful Austin, Texas.

Professionally: The best part about my job is having a front-row seat to history. With my camera and laptop by my side, I’ve had the opportunity to cover presidential candidates, dig into complicated legislation that affects our lives and bring viewers heartwarming stories from our community.

The experiences I’ve had with my career led me to find my sanctuary on my yoga mat, which shifted how I approach everything. I now strive to share with others the physical and mental benefits of yoga.


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